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Thread subject: Summary of TO78M_5925010.1

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Summary of TO78M_5925010.1
25 Jun 2016 10:54
Non evaluated contribution

The sequence Frame +1 from 73 to 582 has one ORF. This ORF has been translated and mutliple alignment with other sequence. Its nearest homolog is Glycine cleavage system T-Protein (score=144bits, E-value= 2e-40, %identity=44%). It shares similar conserved domain with the GCV_T_C which belongs to GCV_T_C superfamily. T-Protein functions as aminomethytransferase in catabolism of glycine. Swiss Model predicts this unknown protein is a monomer with a beta barrel strand and 3 alpha helix strand. This unknown protein shares similar ancestor with antinobacteria and proteobacteria which are found in ocean, indicating this unknown protein belongs to marine bacteria.