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Thread subject: >TO68D_5917010 Genomic DNA (: CapeTown-Ascencion station 68 DCM)

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>TO68D_5917010 Genomic DNA (: CapeTown-Ascencion station 68 DCM)
24 Jun 2016 16:25
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The genomic DNA TO68D_5917010 is 957 base pair in size and was collected at the sea floor in Cape Town by Ascencion station 68 DCM on 14 September 2010. According to all information, the genome sequence has 5 open reading frame in both forward and reverse directions. The size of the ORF is 774 base pair with +3 frame and a 5’ untranslated region. The sequence is not complete as it does not have a stop codon. The closest homologue is Candidatus Pelagibacter ubique. The sequence matched to glycine cleavage system amino methyltransferase T with very low E-value. It contains two conserved domains named Amino methyltransferase folate-binding domain and Glycine Cleavage T-protein C-terminal barrel domain. The theoretical pI (isoelectric point) and molecular weight (Mw) of the subject ORF protein were found to be 5.18 and 29142.3 Dalton respectively which indicates that the unknown protein is cytosolic which therefore mostly likely to localise at the cytoplasm. It is most likely to function in the Glycine cleavage system for the transfer of aminomethyl moiety bound to lipoic acid of H-protein to tetrahydrofolate with the production of ammoni. It was found that it might be originates alphaproteobacteria which is gram-negative. Therefore, the subject organism most likely to be found in the ocean is Candidatus Pelagibacter ubique.