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Thread subject: New domain annotation fields, and other minor changes

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New domain annotation fields, and other minor changes
17 Oct 2008 17:29
Game master
Dear fellow annotators,

I have just added two new fields for the conserved protein domain search:
- a free text box to record the raw results of the domain search (for instance to copy & paste the textual form of the domain search results which you can obtain by clicking on the "Raw results" of an INTERPRO search result)
- a small box for each selected domain to record the E-value associated with domain predictions (which can usually be found in the INTERPRO raw results discussed above)

Please feel free to use these new fields. There might be some other minor changes over the next few days in anticipation of the publication end of November of a paper presenting the Annotathon. I am also preparing to host a new Annotathon team (BioCell2008) from Marseilles on November 5th, so there will be a lot of online activity, late our side, early your side:)
I am trying hard not to provide any disruption to your work, which by the way is very impressive. Do let me know if there is anything I can do to make things better (I can be contacted by replying to this message)!