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24 Jun 2016 17:54
Non evaluated contribution

Open reading frame is part of reading frame which has the ability to code for proteins. There are total of 8 ORF frames however the longest sequence was chosen eventually as the possible putative protein.  The longest sequence, frame -1 which has the longest length of 82 amino acids as compared to the other 7 ORF frames.This sequence contains a start and a stop codon.  Frame -1 consists of 249 nucleotides basepairs. There is 82 amino acids on the 3’ to 5’ strand. Start codon starts at position 343 and ends at position 591 with a stop codon. Thus it is considered to be a complete sequence. The pI is 5.35 and molecular weight is 20321.59. It is localised in the cytoplasmic membrane.