Bioinformatics Training Through Metagenomic Sequence Annotation

Uni. Algarve 2018 University of Algarve (Portugal) 0 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 31.12.2018
BioCell2017 Aix Marseille - L3 Biologie Cellulaire (France) 107 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 17.12.2018
BioCell2018 Aix Marseille - L3 Biologie Cellulaire (France) 62 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 16.12.2018
OBEM-2018 Aix Marseille - Master Océano (France) 16 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 10.12.2018
PGF-2018 Aix Marseille - Licence 3 PGF (France) 1 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 09.12.2018
BioCell2018Jamb Aix Marseille - L3 Biologie Cellulaire (France) 67 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 16.11.2018
UCA_2018 Université Clermont Auvergne (France) 0 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 08.11.2018
BMMA2018 Université Lyon 1 (France) 28 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 05.11.2018
PSB2018 PSB Academy (La Trobe Univ., Singapore Campus) 220 Annotators    Closed on 03.09.2018 - Evaluations underway...
Open Access International - All welcome 1358 Annotators    Closed on 26.08.2018
COMSATS_FreeLance COMSATS Inst. Infor. Tech.(CIIT Pakistan) 36 Annotators    Closed on 06.07.2018 - Evaluations underway...
UNIDEB18 University of Debrecen (Hungary) 38 Annotators    Closed on 30.06.2018
Team progress
BioCell2017 d-83  
OBEM-2018 d-76  
BioCell2018 d-82  
BMMA2018 d-41  
PGF-2018 d-75  
UCA_2018 d-44  
Uni. Algarve 2018 d-97  
BioCell2018Jamb d-52  
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