Bioinformatics Training Through Metagenomic Sequence Annotation

L3-PGF-CTES-2019 Aix Marseille - Licence 3 PGF (France) 5 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 31.10.2020
BioCell2017 Aix Marseille - L3 Biologie Cellulaire (France) 110 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 30.06.2020
BISM20 Universite Lyon 1 - L3 (France) 35 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 19.06.2020
OBI_2020 Universite de Rennes 1 (France) 42 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 04.06.2020
L3_BBMCG_Limoges2020 Université de Limoges (France) 33 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 04.05.2020
UNIDEB20 University of Debrecen (Hungary) 34 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 02.05.2020
Bioch2020 Aix Marseille - L3 Biochimie (France) 87 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 01.05.2020
BioCell2019 Aix Marseille - L3 Biologie Cellulaire (France) 108 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 27.04.2020
CMD5104-2020 National University of Singapore 21 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 11.04.2020
USTH2020 University of Sci. & Tech. Hanoi (Vietnam) 14 Annotators    Underway... Ends on 31.03.2020
Brazza20 Brazzaville (Congo) 0 Annotators    Closed on 04.02.2020 - Evaluations underway...
AME_2019 Universite de Rennes 1 (France) 48 Annotators    Closed on 11.01.2020 - Evaluations underway...
M10rsay2019 Paris Sud - M1 BIBS (France) 21 Annotators    Closed on 10.01.2020 - Evaluations underway...
Uni. Algarve 2019 University of Algarve (Portugal) 62 Annotators    Closed on 01.01.2020 - Evaluations underway...
Team progress
BioCell2017 d-93  
L3_BBMCG_Limoges2020 d-36  
BioCell2019 d-28  
Bioch2020 d-32  
L3-PGF-CTES-2019 d-215  
OBI_2020 d-66  
USTH2020 d-1  
CMD5104-2020 d-12  
BISM20 d-81  
UNIDEB20 d-33  
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Biological Processes
Molecular Functions
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